The noblest art is that of making others happy.


"Art of Love" Love Story 2018 Kiev

"Wildest moments" Love Story 2017 Como lake Italy

"Stars" Love Story 2017 Kiev

"Fell" Love Story 2018 Carpathian mountains

"Girl Like You" Love Story 2020 Sheepland

"#Love without Limit" Love Story 2018 Odessa

"Dream of Cappadocia" Love Story 2019 Cappadocia Turkey

Wedding invitation "Dress maybe" 2019 Tuscany Italy

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Hi! We are family and wedding videographers! There are three of us: small, husband and me! We live in Kiev, Ukraine but available worldwide.
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For a few years we take part in anual professional competition WEVA award.

2020 Weva Award - World Judge

2019 Weva Award - Judge

2018 IntAward:
4-th Place in Best Love Story

2018 UaAward:
Winner in Best Walk
Winner in Best Pilot
2-nd place in Best Sound Producer
2-nd place in Best Colorist
3-rd place in Best Video Editor
4-th in place Best Videographer
4-th place in Best Cameraman

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